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These homes/condos were previously booked but have just been released and are now ready to be reserved by you.  The "Dates Available" column below refers to the recently opened dates. If you have any questions regarding the dates available please contact our office @ (843) 237-2000, any of our Rental Experts will be happy to assist you.

 UPDATED LAST: June 20, 2018 


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MMS Pinafore

  Snug Harbor II

 Cedar Shack

Price House


Sea Cliff


 PPV D-3


Lions Den


Wooden Shoe

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Recent News

Winter didn’t forget about Pawleys Island this year, unfortunately. As you might have seen on the news, we had snow! Which is so unheard of on our little island. In fact, I discovered a few things about snow. It is pretty, it is wet and it is coldddd! Also, it has been determined that snow is best viewed from indoors, wrapped in our snuggly blankets, fuzzy socks and enjoying hot chocolate. Continue Reading