Your Vacation

Check in: Vacationers will be able to check-in at or after 3:00pm on your arrival date. Do not go to the rental house until keys have been picked up at the office as this may delay your check in time. All rentals change on Saturdays unless specified otherwise. If you arrive after office hours, your Guest Check-In Packet will be taped to our office door. 

Check out: Your check out time is by 10:00am on your departure date. Please lock the house and return the keys to our office. If you check out before or after office hours, please drop both keys in our office door dropbox. Do not leave keys in the house. Please put all trash in trash receptacles, put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the dishwasher. If you have received linens from our office, please strip the beds and put all linens and towels (used and clean) in the blue bag and leave the bag on the road facing porch when you depart.

Reservation Procedure: Once you have selected a house and it is available you can either book online at our website or call our office at (843) 237-2000. Once the reservation is booked, we will send you a contract which must be signed and returned within 5 days with a 50% deposit, the balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. Online pricing reflects just the base rent.

The Brochure pricing includes the base rent and following charges (all charges are non-refundable):

Final day Maid Service (Charge based on house)

$50 Administrative Fee (Guest Service Fee)

$50 Security Wavier (The security waiver will cover you for any accidental reported damage up to $1,000. This only covers accidental, reported damage and does not negate your responsibilities as a tenant)

Rental Equipment: The following businesses offer rental equipment:

  • Vacation Equipment Rentals: Offers cribs, high chairs, TVs and many other beach items. Contact: (800) 516-9886. Orders will be delivered to your vacation rental home and will be picked up upon departure.
  • Crib Guys: For all your baby equipment needs. Contact via email:  or (843) 997-9475.
  • Pawleys Beach Service: Offers bicycles and beach item rentals. Contact (843) 237-4666.

Terms and Conditions

TAX INCREASE: Any and all governmental surcharges and taxes imposed prior to occupancy shall be added to the total balance due and shall be paid by the vacationer.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Cash, Personal Checks, MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Discover and Travelers Checks are the acceptable forms of payment. Two­party checks will not be accepted. The balance on all rentals is due 30 days prior to arrival; however, if a reservation is made within 30 days of the arrival date, our office will only accept cash, credit card, certified check, or travelers check. No personal checks will be accepted if within 30 days to arrival date.

DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS: Vacationers agree to pay all payments based on the terms and conditions of the property and Pawleys Island Realty, Co., LLC. If reserving a property 30 days or less from the date of arrival; payment in full is required at time of reservation.

CANCELLATION: In the event of a cancellation and if the home re­rents, the funds received for your reservation will be refunded less the $35.00 Guest Service Fee and $100 cancellation fee per week. Your funds will only be refunded after the payment is received and cleared by the bank from the new vacationer. If the home does not re­rent, the funds received will be forfeited. 

Once the reservation has been confirmed, if you must cancel you will need to notify Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC immediately via email at: or contact our office at (843)­237­-2000. If your week(s) re-­rent, the funds received for your reservation will be refunded less the $35.00 Guest Service Fee and $100 cancellation fee per week. Your funds will be refunded after the payment is received from the new vacationer and cleared by the bank. Every effort will be made to re­rent the property; however, if the home does not re­rent, the funds received will be forfeited. If a cancellation is received within 30 days of arrival, the vacationer shall be responsible for full payment unless the home is rerented.

RESERVATIONS NON­TRANSFERABLE: Properties reserved sight unseen are represented by Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC as realistically as possible with regard to space, amenities, and physical condition. Funds received on a reservation are nontransferable between vacation homes or condos. Once a home has been reserved, the reservation cannot be moved to another home or condo without re­renting the original property.

UNAVAILABILITY: If for any reason, the property reserved is no longer available, Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC reserves the right to move the reservation to a comparable property or provide a refund of the funds on deposit. Vacationer will be notified via email or by phone if an email is not provided, if the property becomes unavailable.

SUBLETTING: This agreement shall not be assigned nor the premise sublet without the prior written consent of the owner or the owners agent.  Transferring weeks in the same property must be requested 30 days prior to arrival and requires approval of the owner or the owners agent.

OCCUPANCY/CAPACITY: Vacationer agrees not to exceed the posted occupancy/capacity of the property at any time and the person making the reservation is required to occupy the property. The property is for family vacations only and any house parties, weddings, or overcrowding events are strictly prohibited in and/or on the property. Any violation will result in immediate termination of the rental reservation and no refund will be given.

SECURITY WAIVER FEE: All reservations will be charged a non­refundable Security Waiver Fee of $50.00. This charge covers any REPORTED accidental damage up to $1000.00. This does not negate your responsibilities as a tenant.

DAMAGES: Properties are inspected prior to check­in. The vacationer shall maintain the property in good condition; reasonable wear and tear expected. Any damage, breakage, or loss of property which is caused by the vacationer or anyone in the vacationers group, which is not reported and covered under the security waiver provision, will be charged to the vacationer. Vacationers shall not rearrange the furniture.

PET POLICY: Pets are not allowed in and/or on any properties unless noted in the accommodations. Pet Friendly homes are available and the only properties where pets are allowed. Vacationer agrees to adhere to the pet policies set forth by the owner and Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC. Vacationer accepts responsibility and agrees to replace or pay for any loss, breakage or damage caused by their pet(s).  Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC advise that pets be secured or in crates when Maintenance needs to enter the property.

GRILLING: Absolutely NO grills are allowed on porches, decks, balconies, or under the houses. Grills may only be used in areas that are at a safe distance from the house.

CHECK­IN/CHECK­OUT: Vacationer agrees to adhere to the check­in and check­out times. Check­in time begins at 3:00PM and check­out time in no later than 10:00AM, no exceptions without prior written consent by a Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC representative.

LOST OR LEFT BEHIND BELONGINGS: Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC is not responsible for any items lost or left on or around the property during vacationers stay or after check­out. It is the vacationers responsibility to contact our office if they feel that items may have been lost or left behind. If items are found, Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC will send the items to the vacationer at the vacationers expense. Vacationer will need to provide our office with a name, address and Credit Card information to secure payment prior to shipping. There will be a $10.00 handling fee plus the cost of shipping charged to the vacationer.

LOST KEYS: The vacationer is responsible for all sets of keys provided at time of check­in. If the vacationer or anyone in the vacationers party loses a key, the vacationer will assume the cost for re­keying the home. The price for re­keying the home is $100.00 and is payable by cash or credit card only at time of check out.

OWNER CLOSET(S): Any locked closets in the rental home are reserved for the storage of the owners private property and not for vacationers use. These closets are not included in the rental.

AUTHORIZED ENTRY: Vacationer is being made aware that it may be necessary for a representative of Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC or an authorized repair person to enter the vacation home for purposes in connection with repairs, care or management of the property. If this is a Pet Friendly home, Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC advises that pets be secured or in crates when entering the property.

LIABILITY:  The vacationers and their guests agree to hold Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC and the homeowner harmless and without liability for any damage or theft of the vacationer or vacationer guest personal property or for any injury or death of any vacationer or vacationer guest occurring on or about the premises.

CONSTRUCTION / RESTORATION DURING YOUR STAY: Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC is not responsible for any construction and/or restoration issues during your stay that include, but not limited to: altered views, noise, and/or disrupted beach access. NO refunds shall be issued due to construction and/or restoration issues.

APPLIANCES (including ELEVATORS): The working order of all appliances including, but not limited to: TVs, Internet and internet equipment, radios, ceiling fans, window fans, refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and air conditioning units, are not guaranteed. Refunds, reductions and/or rebates will not be given for failure or breakdown of any appliance. Contact our office promptly to report any inoperable equipment. All repairs will be made in a timely manner. Window air conditioning units shall not be allowed unless provided by the owner or owners agent. NOTE: Service requests called in after 5:00PM may not be handled until the following day.

HURRICANE/TROPICAL/EXTREME WEATHER EVACUATION: For the safety of our vacations, Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC reserves the right to begin securing and boarding up any and all properties if the Governors Office orders a mandatory evacuation. There may also be times during Tropical Storms and extreme weather conditions that the owner or owners agent determines that the property needs to be secured and boarded up to prevent damage. If and when these dangerous occasions arise, vacationer agrees to leave the premises/island and turn in all house keys to Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC.  If you kept Trip Insurance on this reservation, please see Trip Insurance section below of this contract for further details and contact information. If you did not retain Trip Insurance, NO REFUNDS will be issued.

RedSky Trip Insurance is optional. It is not automatically added to your reservation as of 2018. If you choose not to purchase this coverage, NO REFUNDS will be given in the event of unforeseeable cancellations, including hurricane evacuations. Insurance only covers your rental accommodations with Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC. Insurance must be purchased before a tropical storm/hurricane is named and before we have received final payment. Trip Insurance is non­refundable starting on the 10th day after we receive the first payment of the reservation. Trip Insurance cannot be added once the final payment has been received. For any questions regarding your Trip Insurance please contact RedSky Insurance at (866) 889­-7409 or

NO SMOKING POLICY: All homes rented by Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC prohibit smoking in the property or on the premises. Should it be determined that during your stay the No Smoking Policy has been violated, a charge of up to $500 will be charged to the vacationers account on file.


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