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About Pawleys Island Realty Company LLC – the Tradition of Generations

From humble beginnings as a small rental and sales company in 1962 to a full-service global, computerized real estate company; Pawleys Island Realty Co., LLC has and continues to grow and prosper. Through honest, ethical and personal service, we have established a reputation of care and concern for our customers and it is our goal to continue on this path.

We care about our environment and our community as we continue to be leaders for positive changes and warriors against negative influences. We have a friendly, professional work environment which encompasses teamwork, fairness, individual growth and longevity. As always, we continue to be committed to education and professionalism and we hope that our vacationers, homeowners, buyers and sellers all benefit from our commitment to excellence.



"Our relationship with Pawleys Island Realty began with a bumper sticker. We were recently engaged and looking for honeymoon destinations. After approximately one week of being behind a car sporting a PIR bumper sticker with the 800 number, we called the number and arranged for a day trip in February. Upon arrival we were hooked! We were made to feel like the best combination of family and friends and that there was nothing more important than assisting us with our honeymoon plans! From the start, over the years our relationship with PIR has deepened. Some have come and gone. Some have gone on to glory. We have all watched as our children and their children have grown up and new generations were born. One constant remains: upon arrival at PIR we always pick up as though no time has passed since we were last together. PIR is so much more to us than a real estate office, they are family. And they are amazing caretakers of the Blessed Isle. And we are blessed by Pawleys Island Realty."

- Steve

"This past summer was my 55th straight year at Pawleys. In the beginning it was my grandmother, parents, aunt and uncles and their families. We stayed in the mid North end section near "Kings fun land". The first cottages are since long gone.. The "Stokes" and The "Nesmith". After dinner all the older kids would go to "Kings fun land" for the carnival type atmosphere. In 1986 our intimate family began staying at the "Forrester" cottage and continued for twenty-nine years. During this time one of our neighbors would tell us annually.. " i've traveled all over the world and Pawleys is my absolute favorite place to vacation". Our family all agreed on the Pawleys comment. Through the years other friends and their family have also been vacationing at Pawleys. My favorite story from this group's Fourth generation is several of them have a personal contest between themselves. It's called being a "Pawleys Lifer". You must from birth go annually to keep your status. Quite a few have this status! Pawleys Island is so near and dear to many of us. Quite Special!"

- Bob

"The people at Pawleys Island Realty are quite wonderful to work with and over the decades have become trusted friends. We have never asked for anything without it being attended to quickly, efficiently, and with huge smiles. In fact, I think our family beach time always begins when we go into the office for the keys, boiled peanuts, and a nice visit catching up with one another."

- Helen

"We have been homeowners under the excellent management of Pawleys Island Realty (PIR) for over 45 years. We cannot say enough good things about their attention to detail, personal involvement and problem solving for our guests when issues do come up. In addition, they have offered us constructive suggestions for improving our property to optimize our guests' experiences at Pawleys. Their staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive to both guests and homeowners. We look forward to a long and continuing relationship with PIR as they strive to serve vacationers on the Carolina cost!"

- Eva

"What a crazy 2 weeks it was as we had to evacuate due to hurricane Dorian. I can't express enough gratitude towards the Pawleys Island Realty staff as they did everything possible to get us back on the island and we were able to salvage the final week of our vacation! Been coming to Pawleys Island for over 30 years now and I hope to come for another 30 years. LOVE THIS ISLAND!!!!!"

- David





Recent News

With the smell of spring in the air, Pawleys Island Realty is gearing up for a busy summer season. Vacation rental properties are being deep cleaned and we are beginning to see some friendly faces of our return guests. This is an exciting time of the year, preparing for first time guests and our return guests. Every year we look forward to what the summer season will bring. Continue Reading