Spring has Sprung!

Finally! We are thankful spring is in the air. The weather is nice, the water is beginning to warm up and life is back at the beach! This spring is full of excitement and fun activities. Brookgreen Gardens is offering several fun events and the flowers are blooming. So beautiful! They also have a restaurant so you can spend the entire day exploring. They also have a plant sale if you have a green thumb.
If you are interested in sports, you should check out the Pelicans baseball games in Myrtle Beach. It’s always a fun time for families.
And always, the beach and creek are wonderful places to just relax. Put your toes in the sand- or pluff mud- and take time for yourself! Life has been busy and we want to provide you with the perfect home for you to feel the Pawleys breeze, enjoy the spring weather and feel the sun on your back. Call us today to find your home away from home!

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