Summer of ’23

It’s summer.

The summer we’ve promised ourselves year after year. Kids are changing grades, moving schools and in some cases graduating to the next step. Time flies- but, this summer doesn’t have to. Relish every memory you make on your Pawleys vacation. The sun, sand, salty ocean and the feeling of being present. Here are five ways to slow down this summer:

1. Not having a schedule – Wake up late, have an early lunch, swim by the sea and tell time by the tides. Relax in the summer moment and give yourself to the throws of vacation. Instead of a To-Do, make a I-Did list.
2. Visit new locations – Never visited Georgetown, SC? What about Charleston? There is a ton of rich history, scenic drives and stories to hear about our beautiful but historic low country.
3. Be spontaneous – Try a new activity. Surfing, kite flying, paddle-boarding.. any of these options are fun experiences and will be totally memorable.
4. Celebrate – A lot was accomplished this year. Take a minute to celebrate your accomplishments and look forward to the future successes. You did it!
5. Don’t let boredom win – It’s not a state or being, it’s a challenge. Have a sandcastle competition, see who can find the best shells, race to the closest marker. The world is your oyster!

This summer is about you and your memories. Enjoying the little moments, feeling the joy and smelling the pluff mud when crossing the causeway. Take a minute away to just be this year. It’s the summer for you!