Fall Time on Pawleys Island

Labor Day has passed by and the yellow butterflies have been seen fluttering around, officially signifying fall has arrived. While we are continually monitoring the Atlantic for impending storms, we are also optimistic about a wonderful Fall 2023. We have several events over the next few months for your enjoyment.

The Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival will be held at Huntington Beach on September 24th beginning at 10 am. This annual festival showcases fine art, crafts, music, food and more. Please visit the website here.

Brookgreen Gardens is having their annual Fall Harvest Festival on October 7th and 8th. Pumpkin decorating, scarecrow making, live music, food, oh my! Find out more information here .

The Pawleys Island Kayak Race is returning this year also on October 7th from 12 pm- 6 pm. Always a fun time, you can sign up and find out more about this event here.

As always, there is live music at restaurants and bars during the evenings filled with delicious local food and entertainment. Don’t forget oysters are back in season and we can’t be happier! We hope you spend sometime on Pawleys this fall. We also have some 3 night stays available, please contact our office for available homes.

We will see you at the beach!

Dog Days of Summer

July, already?! We hope you had a great Fourth of July. If you were on Pawleys Island for the Fourth, hopefully you enjoyed the Annual Parade and the Flyover. It was HOT, HOT, HOT but thankfully the ocean was a great place to cool off. More great ways to cool down would be swinging in the hammock or floating in the creek. Although no fireworks are allowed on the island, there were several great places to enjoy the show.

There are several fun activities happening in the area during the next few summer weeks. Brookgreen Gardens has a Summer Light: Art by Night Event on Wednesdays and Saturdays through August. This is a great experience to view the lit gardens and sculptures. Find out more here : https://www.brookgreen.org/events/summer-light-art-night.

The Saltwater Fishing Clinic is hosting several fishing clinics at Hobcaw Barony and Huntington Beach State Park during the month of July. Sounds like a fun experience for everyone.

Restaurants and bars all throughout the area have live music at nights. Sit back, relax with a cold one and some delicious local food enjoying fantastic bands. You can find schedules for both the clinics and the live music shows here.

Don’t forget, the beach and creek are just a few steps away. Swim, build sandcastles, shell, or simply enjoy the solitude and relaxation Pawleys offers.

Enjoy your July. We’ll see you on Pawleys Island!

Summer of ’23

It’s summer.

The summer we’ve promised ourselves year after year. Kids are changing grades, moving schools and in some cases graduating to the next step. Time flies- but, this summer doesn’t have to. Relish every memory you make on your Pawleys vacation. The sun, sand, salty ocean and the feeling of being present. Here are five ways to slow down this summer:

1. Not having a schedule – Wake up late, have an early lunch, swim by the sea and tell time by the tides. Relax in the summer moment and give yourself to the throws of vacation. Instead of a To-Do, make a I-Did list.
2. Visit new locations – Never visited Georgetown, SC? What about Charleston? There is a ton of rich history, scenic drives and stories to hear about our beautiful but historic low country.
3. Be spontaneous – Try a new activity. Surfing, kite flying, paddle-boarding.. any of these options are fun experiences and will be totally memorable.
4. Celebrate – A lot was accomplished this year. Take a minute to celebrate your accomplishments and look forward to the future successes. You did it!
5. Don’t let boredom win – It’s not a state or being, it’s a challenge. Have a sandcastle competition, see who can find the best shells, race to the closest marker. The world is your oyster!

This summer is about you and your memories. Enjoying the little moments, feeling the joy and smelling the pluff mud when crossing the causeway. Take a minute away to just be this year. It’s the summer for you!

Pawleys Island: Are dogs allowed on the beach?

This is an age old, commonly asked question.

We love the beach, our four-legged friends do too! There are leash laws in effect during certain times of the year. All dogs must be on a leash from May 1 – Sept 30 (8 am – 8 pm). Please be courteous to others and pick up after your pets. Doggie bags are provided at the public beach accesses. We want everyone, people and pets alike to enjoy the beach. My three dogs love to play in the surf and chasing the seagulls.

It’s important to remember to bring your pet water while you’re in the sun, too! The sand can get very hot and could burn their pads if you decide to visit mid-day during the summer. Just be aware!

Send us a picture of your dog enjoying Pawleys Island to susan@pawleysislandrealty.com and we would love to showcase your photos.

Have fun!

The beauty of March in Pawleys Island

Life in Pawleys is such a wonderful blessing. As you are crossing the causeway, you experience the welcoming smell of pluff mud and the salty breeze from the ocean. March is such a beautiful time of the year on Pawleys. With sunny days and a cool breeze at night, there is not a time of the day that does not feel comforting. Even the now and then showers are welcomed. Our guests enjoy their return, year after year, as they know that the beach is ready for them, and the marsh is calling their name for a bit of kayaking or even some well-deserved crabbing.

We have welcomed a few new properties to our rental family in the past few months. Vitamin Sea at 45 Pinehurst is a great location for overflow or golfers. Sandy Shores, located at 5 Bobcat Drive begins renting in April. Pour Decisions located at 37 Bobcat Drive is perfect for a home away from home. Playin Hooky at 402 Myrtle Avenue has returned to our rental family as well. Arrogantly Shabby at 254 Pearce is getting a facelift by the new owners and will be coming soon to rent.

Please reach out to us at 843-237-2000 with any questions or if you are interested in booking today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Spring has Sprung!

Finally! We are thankful spring is in the air. The weather is nice, the water is beginning to warm up and life is back at the beach! This spring is full of excitement and fun activities. Brookgreen Gardens is offering several fun events and the flowers are blooming. So beautiful! They also have a restaurant so you can spend the entire day exploring. They also have a plant sale if you have a green thumb.
If you are interested in sports, you should check out the Pelicans baseball games in Myrtle Beach. It’s always a fun time for families.
And always, the beach and creek are wonderful places to just relax. Put your toes in the sand- or pluff mud- and take time for yourself! Life has been busy and we want to provide you with the perfect home for you to feel the Pawleys breeze, enjoy the spring weather and feel the sun on your back. Call us today to find your home away from home!

Winter Weather

Whew! We had a mild fall but this February weather is chilly. It’s still beautiful here, but we are a little cold. Sand is way better than snow. I think we are all ready for our springtime vibes. We are lucky to live in a place with only a few weeks of cold weather but none of us know how to handle it. Things are looking better with highs of 67 over the next few days. Still, Pawleys is the best place to relax, get away from the craziness of everyday life. Come put your feet on the sand and enjoy the peacefulness Pawleys has to offer.

Fallin’ For Pawleys

Time flies when you’re having fun! All of a sudden, fall is upon us. The marsh grass is starting to turn colors and the weather is getting chillier. While we miss summer, fall is a wonderful time to experience Pawleys. Traffic is slower, the days are a bit shorter and the beach is quieter. We have entered our lowest rate period, so you can find wonderful deals during this time. There are also oyster roasts, chili cookoffs, and pumpkin painting! There is a ton to do and we are here for it! Brookgreen Gardens has some activities to do as well. You can explore the marsh walk in Murrells Inlet or hit the river walk in Georgetown. Both towns have delicious fresh seafood for lunch and numerous shops and stores to peruse. There are a few new restaurants in Pawleys as well as our long-standing favorites. Fall brings a new season and we are excited to experience it all. Hope you can do it with us!

Sweet Summertime


The season we’ve all been waiting for. The heat, the sunny beach, and the boiled peanuts are back! We are so excited to be welcoming our vacationers back to the beloved island. The tradition of generations continues.  The options are endless. Sunbathe on the beach, jump the waves, fish the creek, kayak, etc. One of my personal favorites is floating down the creek. Find the right tide and just jump in with your favorite float. By far one of the most relaxing and fun things to do. If you are hungry, catch fresh crabs using chicken necks. You can also buy fresh shrimp from the Shrimp Man on the corner or visit one of the local seafood markets! Other news, the Pawleys Island 4th of July T-shirts are now for sale! You can buy them from Town Hall or Pawleys Island Supplies. The 4th of July parade will be at 10 am on Sunday, July 4th. The Chapel service will be held at 8 am to let the attendees view/participate in the parade. Mark your calendar! We are so excited about summer and look forward to seeing you!


It’s a new year and a new me! Just kidding- same corny, silly me; just a new year full of hope, adventure, and resolutions. New Years is a time of traditions, reminiscing, and the excitement of NEW!  What are your traditions?

In my family, we always eat hoppin’ johns, collards, and cornbread for good luck, wealth, and prosperity on new years day. We also jump into the ocean at midnight. Polar plunge! I 10/10 do not recommend.

Many families have a tradition to come to Pawleys Island every single summer. The vacation originated with the grandparents bringing their children, and now has evolved to 3-4 generations coming each year! So many memories are made on Pawleys Island-where times seem to slow down and people are reminded of the good ole days. Cooking meals together, spending the days frolicking on the beach, and ending the day with porch sittin’.  We tell time by the tides and the sun. Oh, the stories we would hear if these walls could talk. Some of my favorite memories are on Sundays’ sitting outside at the beach with my whole family after a big meal. Bob Marley was playing through the speaker, beer was flowing and the sun was shining.

As we navigate this strange time, many family traditions are hard to uphold. The tradition of family time is deeply rooted at Pawleys Island. We love to see your family return each year and enjoy hearing your stories during your vacation.

Work-cation, stay-cation, school-cation, or simply vacation, Pawleys Island is here to be whatever you want it to be.