Recently AVAILABLE Vacation Rental Homes/Condos for 2017!

Recently available vacation rental homes for August-October!

Come Enjoy Fall on the Beach!!

These homes were previously booked but have just been released due to a cancellation.  The homes are listed under the available date.


Please call our office with any questions.

Call: (843) 237-2000




September 30th

320 Myrtle- (PPV A-3) Oceanfront / 3 Bedrooms - Sleeps 8 / Pier

October 14th

170A Atlantic- (Knox Station) Oceanfront / 3 Bedrooms - Sleeps 6

623 Pritchard- (Mary Lou II) Off-Ocean / 4 Bedrooms - Sleeps 8 / Creek Dock

630 Pritchard- (Free at Last) Creek Front / 4 Bedrooms - Sleeps 8 / Creek Dock

632 Pritchard- (Wright by the Creek) Creek Front / 4 Bedrooms - Sleeps 8 / Creek Dock




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